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Sword Princess Amaltea



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Manga by Natalia Batista

We all know the way the story goes. The valiant prince goes on a perilous journey, kills a ferocious dragon, rescues a captive princess, earns his family's honor. But what if this time the prince… was a princess?

In a fairytale world where Queens rule and magic is power, Princess Amaltea is sent on the biggest quest of her life — to rescue a prince in need and fulfill her duties as a princess. Spoiled, prejudiced and sheltered from the world at large, Amaltea reluctantly sets out on her journey and finds her "lad in distress"… only to find out he's not so willing to join her.

5 Ratings

Jubes2011 2022-02-01 10:07

cool 😎

babythug69454580 2022-01-14 22:27

GOΣ>―(〃°ω°〃)♡→ 2020-06-02 00:23

mesadcv62 2019-01-26 01:15

RoriKuramoto 2018-09-16 15:33

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