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About Us

About mascots POP Comics was developed BY and FOR manga & comics creators and fans. A mobile-first manga & comics platform, you can upload, share, read and comment on comics, all from your phone or tablet.

Easy to use, with no barriers for entry and zero cost to users. POP was created with one simple goal: to foster a thriving mobile manga & comics community, where talented creators can share their stories and connect with fans.

POP is the brainchild of TOKYOPOP founder Stu Levy and produced by Stu with a team of talented developers and designers.

Stu has been a lover of manga for over 20 years, and his dream has always been to introduce incredible manga storytelling to the world. Through competitions such as Rising Stars of Manga, Stu sought to encourage and support global manga creators. As a publisher, though, he could only showcase and support a limited number of creators and titles.

Now, with this mobile platform, there is no limit. POP offers the tools for any creator, anywhere, to share their manga & comics with the world!

What are you waiting for? CREATE. SHARE. READ.

For more information, please email us here or visit our Facebook page.

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