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Introducing POP for creators

Have you noticed that most digital comics platforms require you to alter your comics to meet their specifications? Or that most art portfolio sites just aren't very good at displaying comics and manga content?

We noticed that too, and that's why we developed POP. Upload, share, read and comment on comics, all from your phone or tablet. Easy-peasy. POP is designed to serve YOUR needs and help you reach millions of new comics and manga fans around the world!

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Simple & elegant UX

Mobile is all about the User Experience (UX). Sequential art is all about the reading experience.

We focus on the best mobile experience for you, the artist, and for your fans, the readers.

You fully control your pages, whether you want each page to be one panel or multi-panel layout - you decide.

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Mobile first

POP wants to bring your comic to a global audience, and smart phones have taken over the world.

We designed POP organically for the phone - not by retrofitting a Web experience.

That means you can upload and manage your stories and your readers can experience them - from anywhere.

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POP operates on a FREEMIUM, ad-supported model. Our first goal is to help you build your fan base. As your fan base grows, your monetization will increase.

1 Phase One will be organic, non-intrusive full-page ads.

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2 Phases Two and on will feature integrated monetization opportunities.

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Customize your POP Presence. Add Thumbnails and Cover Art to show off your style.

Encourage BINGE-reading by posting an entire series all at once or BUILD your audience by releasing individual chapters one at a time. Schedule posts in advance to release new content whenever you want. Comment & interact with fans. Share your work easily amongst a wide range of social platforms.

Track your views, comments and fans.

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Founding Creator Perks

Join POP Comics now to qualify for the following perks:

Monthly Contests

Compete each month for different prizes!

Front Page Promotion

POP Comics main page will feature new work from Founding Creators daily!

Founding Creator Seal

Founding Creator Seal will be added to your page to separate you from the pack!

Ad Share Advantage

Founding Creators receive 5% more revenue! (i.e. 75% total instead of 70%)

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