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Creator Payment Program

How do I earn revenue on POP Comics®?

Your comics earn revenue through interstitial ads placed in-between the pages of your comics so as not to disrupt the reading experience. Our ad network inserts the ads automatically after every four pages of content, much the way that ads are displayed in print comics.

What's my revenue share?

Creator earnings (“Creator Earnings”) come to 70 percent of the funds received by POP Comics® for each ad served in one of their comics, less any taxes and fees paid to third parties as part of the ad transaction (“Net Receipts”). The Creator Earnings for Founding Creators come to 75 percent of the Net Receipts from each ad sold in one of their comics.

How is all that calculated?

Each time an ad is served within a comic, it may or may not generate revenue. Some ads pay per impression while others pay only when the ad is clicked on by a reader. You can use the My Analytics tab of your browser-based Creator Console to track your ad impressions and ad revenue over time. Though we only upload ad impression and ad revenue data on the first of each month, so don’t be concerned when you start getting views on your comic but don’t appear to be receiving any ad impressions or ad revenue to go along with it - that info is on its way! Also, please note that most ads only pay per fractions of a penny per impression or click, so it may takes dozens or even hundreds of ad impressions before any significant ad revenue will begin to accrue.

What are the requirements to get paid?

  • Be eighteen years of age or older OR have a parent/legal guardian register an account in the child’s name.
  • Fill out and submit all required tax forms upon request.

When do I get paid?

On the first day of each month, POP will release the Ad Impression and Ad Revenue data for the previous calendar month which can be accessed via the My Analytics tab in the Creator Console.

Payment is issued within 30 days (“Pay Period”) after your Creator Earnings reach the payment threshold of $100 USD and you have requested a transfer of funds. Once your earnings reach the threshold, you will be contacted and given instructions on how to receive payment from POP Comics®. You cannot withdraw funds until you have reached the $100 threshold. If you have not reached the $100 USD threshold at the end of the calendar month, your Creator Earnings will continue to roll over until the threshold is reached.

Is POP Comics® VATMOSS compliant?

Yes! We handle all VATMOSS-related issues on our side, so all our friends in the EU are good to go!