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Steampunk! Fantasy! Romantic comedy! It’s about a teenaged girl named Mia White who is transported to the fantastical world of Belatyr courtesy of an antique ring that her grandfather left her. There she encounters a powerful, brash and egotistical young mage named Crimson Rhen and his crew on board the famed airship 'The True North'. Adventure, hilarity and teen angst ensue. Shadowbinders Online: Facebook: Twitter: Fan Wiki: 'Shadowbinders' is copyright ©2010-2016 Thomas and Kambrea Pratt / Clownfish Studios LLC. SHADOWBINDERS™, Crimson Rhen™ and Belatyr™ are trademarks of Clownfish Studios LLC. All rights reserved.

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Coffman 20XX 2016-09-11 01:22

Really like this story and seeing how far the art has come from the beginning! Can't wait to see what chapter 20 looks like, top marks!

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