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Magna Ax series

by S.D. (Serial Doodlist)


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Prologue: A World of Fantasy, Sekai, is an extraordinary planet where it's inhabitants known as Sekians are able to use their life force known as Aura to do uncanny things. 3 Years ago, a horrible event known as the Grand Disaster took place leaving worldly destruction in its wake. In the aftermath, Half of the world's Aura user's were suddenly unable to command their powers anymore leaving the world greatly wounded &imbalanced. Main Story: And So Turns The Wheel of Life, 3 years after the Grand Disaster, A mysterious red-haired boy named Satoshi has returned home to the rebuilt city of New Allure in search of a voice that's been calling out to him. Upon Satoshi's return, all is not what it seems in the town of wonder. Satoshi encounters Hanasu Nedena, a seemingly ordinary high school student except for the ability to sing hauntingly beautiful echoing hymns. Satoshi and Hanasu quickly fall into the mystery surrounding their own special abilities as well as the city of Allure including monsters.