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Lords of time

by Oleksandr


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On his way home from school Les, a fifth-grader, drops in a computer club, attracted by the advertisement of a new virtual station and a new game. Les agrees to test-play the game and plunges into a series of breathtaking adventures. He encounters Nightingale the Villain and pirates, witnesses the theft of the Magic Crystal by Gorgon, is taken captive by Indians, and escapes in an air balloon thanks to a new non-player character. When Les comes home his parents do not recognize him. They take him for an old impostor. Dazed and confused, Les runs away. In a shop window he sees his reflection – an old gray-haired man. Now the boy has to understand what happened to him and find a way to return to his age. Les returns to the computer club in search of answers and finds out that Evil Sorcerers designed the game for stealing players’ actual time of life. In the middle of the game Les gets acquainted with several other boys and girls who play as his opponents and experience the same problem: like him, they suddenly became old and got trapped in the game. The common problem and new adventures unite the players and they manage to thwart the Evil Sorcerers’ insidious plot.

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