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Crytsal Flowers

by Lemon Pie


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A story I did in wattpad but comic version. An LGBTQ+ story about two girls discovering a whole new world of love and hate, these girls fall in love with not knowing how to cope with what they are feeling. One girl name rose but everyone call her flower, she always has been a strange child along side her brother thomas but which she calls tom. Tom has and been always supportive of his sister and crytsal a tough norwegian girl with an attractive accent, she always seem cold and heartless but is actually very sweet and a big softie but there is a twist! they been friends for as long as they could remember. Will a confession hurt and ruin there friendship or will they take it a step further? but there is more secrets and drama to behold. not just from being in love no. it's learning how to love.

1 Rating

Okura Tsume 2019-03-20 16:46

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