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The Other One

by Javier Sama


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Summary: Fifteen year old Jaime Seraspe just transferred to a new school. Although, in his first day there, he did not exactly receive a warm welcome. In fact, he was almost raped and eaten by a spider woman monster. It was a Hantu demon that had been disguising as one of his classmates and had been controlling the minds of the rest of the students in his class. Fortunately, he was saved by a swordsgirl who likes to be called by the name "Al". That was not the only time he was saved by Al though, the second time was when he almost drowned in the river during a strong typhoon when the flood washed away his little squatter house. Thus, he ended up living in Al's own house only to find out that Al was doing some exorcizing jobs on the side. For Jaime, being gifted with the sixth sense, getting involved was inevitable. Will Jaime be able to keep up dealing with strange and supernatural entities, and with Al who seemed to be keeping an eerie secret of her own

1 Rating

Cadina Wellington 2018-02-01 11:54

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